With the help of reconstructive plastic surgery, form and function of the body and the aesthetic appearance can be restored – for example, after an accident, cancer surgery or congenital malformations.

In this field, the post-cancer reconstruction of the breast is one of the most commonly performed procedures.

Other indications for reconstructive plastic surgery are scar treatment or correction after burns or restoring other parts of the body such as a calf, nose or gluteal defects with silicone implants.

There are physical defects that cannot be corrected by prefabricated implants. In these cases, implants made to measure are often the optimum solution. With our custom-made products manufactured in Germany we meet many patients wishes. (Custom-made implants)

The female breast

For former breast cancer patients, a positive frame of mind is psychologically very important and provides important support in coping with the disease. To establish a better quality of life reconstructive plastic surgery can prove helpful. In many countries, women have the possibility to have their breast reconstructed following breast cancer surgery.

Breast reconstruction should, for example within the context of a breast cancer therapy, be part of the treatment concept. In many countries, the costs are covered by the patient's health insurance.

In the case of implant breast reconstruction, the selection of an experienced physician and the information and education about the choices and risks are particularly important. In addition, the quality of implants plays a crucial role.

With the innovative and certified silicone implants "Made in Germany" by POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics you have years of demonstrable safety using these implants and can feel safe – and under warranty (Quality assurance). Find out more about our products and our extended warranty program for implants at Products / Implants of Excellence.


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