Aesthetic plastic surgery, commonly referred to as cosmetic surgery, has become socially acceptable and is longer reserved to stars and celebrities.

A German survey from 2010 shows* that about one in six would be prepared to enhance her/his body through surgery. Many women in Germany opt for a breast augmentation. In 2011 and 2012, breast surgery was the most popular aesthetic procedure – followed by eyelid surgery and liposuction**. Men are now also opting more often for a cosmetic intervention. The rate of men who choose to have aesthetic interventions is currently at about 16%.**

Naturally beautiful with modern silicone implants

The currently available large selection of implant shapes and sizes as well as the specific nature of the silicone gel we utilize allow an experienced surgeon to shape a natural looking breast mound. The consistency of the gel is very similar to the body's tissues and contributes to the fact that the augmented breast is hard to distinguish from a natural breast.

Quality pays off

Information and education on what products will be used in a surgery are particularly important – it comes down to your body and therefore your safety and wellbeing. This is why quality should be the focus. With the innovative and certified silicone implants "Made in Germany" manufactured by POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics you have years of demonstrable safety using these implants and are on the safe side – and under warranty.

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* Survey conducted by Forsa for the German insurance company KKH-Allianz

** 2012 patient survey of the DGAePC, the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery


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