POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics is a leading manufacturer of silicone implants.

Currently we offer the largest range of implants for body contouring. Be that implants for breast augmentation or body shaping - our products not only meet the highest quality standards, but due to our many years of experience and the constantly evolving know-how of our employees they are among the safest and best on the market.

We focus on silicone-gel filled implants, as these have proved ideal for soft tissue replacement. Silicone is biologically inert and does not contain additives such as plasticizers. There is scientific studies do not report allergic reactions caused by our silicone implants.

A special feature of our implants are the surfaces developed by us. In years of intensive research, we have succeeded to develop various surface textures for our implants. Two of them – POLYtxt® and Microthane® – have shown to contribute to a reduction of capsular contracture.

Feel safe with POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics products for your body!


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