Breast implants made in Germany

Our breast implants are developed, manufactured, inspected and packed and stored in Germany – for you this means controlled production processes and hence maximum quality as well as guaranteed safety. We manufacture our breast implants exclusively in Germany, because we as a producer of breast implants take our responsibility seriously. This is because our products are used for medicinal purposes, and therefore we want to offer the highest quality and maximum safety. For our German breast implants you get a lifetime warranty against shell rupture. Our implants are subjected to regular tests to ensure that the high standard is always maintained, and you are provided with only the highest quality and maximum security.

Feel secure with the guaranteed quality of breast implants made in Germany

We continually develop our German breast implants since 1986 and always apply new, innovative technologies to improve the production and quality of our implants. Our experts work closely with surgeons, so they always know the patients' needs and adapt our breast implants to it. Polytech’s German breast implants stand for the highest level of safety, compatibility and quality. Our development, production and quality testing in Germany are always up to date and comply with the wishes of the patient.

The compatibility and quality you get from us are guaranteed – because we run the patient warranty program Implants of Excellence. This gives you an extended warranty and therefore maximum personal safety with your breast implants made in Germany. In case of a shell rupture, you have a lifetime warranty on your German implants. For implants with a coating of polyurethane, we also give a guarantee of 10 years against capsular contracture (hardening of tissue), rotation and dislocation.

But how do we guarantee the quality of breast implants made in Germany? Each of our production steps is based on the latest standards and strictly controlled. We are able to control every step, because we have concentrated the complete production in one place in Germany. You can trust the quality and safety of breast implants made in Germany.

Our wide range of high quality German breast implants

Since our production is always designed for patient safety and satisfaction, we offer a wide selection of high-quality breast implants made in Germany. We offer breast implants in any desired shape and size – so you become naturally beautiful, and have the maximum personal safety with our implants. All of our German breast implants are stable in shape, but still soft and flexible. The surface of the implants is always high quality and safe, and provides comfort to the highest level. Our breast implants have a natural touch is very close to the natural breast and are comfortable to wear. In our wide product range, every woman will find the optimum breast implant.

Our breast implants made in Germany are of the highest quality. They are subject to strict controls and easily comply with all standards. We offer security and your safety is our priority. Our entire production is designed and monitored by experts – so you can trust the high quality of German breast implants.